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Read what our members say about our site. We are dedicated to providing the best dating service possible online. Join free and start talking to singles in your area looking to meetup.

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Testimonials From Our Members

Emma, 50 - 'Dan and I met on Single And Mature two months ago. I would have never thought of meeting such a sweet and fun-loving man at my age. Before I joined this older dating site, my mindset was that it's too late for me to find a new partner. Seems has proven me wrong - and I must say that I feel like I'm still in my 30's as I am dating him!'

Fred, 45 - 'After having moved, I found myself on Single And Mature searching for new friends. Then I met Sarah online while she was searching for a new date, and luckily we were able to message each other, so it gave us a chance to get to know each other as well. We've been happily dating for 2 months now, and we've got this free mature dating site to thank for having another chance to enter the dating world!'

Layla, 52 - 'I thought I was way too old to date another man after my divorce a couple of years back. But I'm not someone who gets discouraged so easily - especially when it comes to dating! When I joined Single And Mature, I thought to myself 'whats the other option, just be alone?' - No thanks. Just the other day, I invited friends over for dinner to meet Jeremy; he's three years my senior and we've been dating for a month now.'

Justin, 60 - "As an older guy, I still could not believe that I met Jane. She may be younger than me (she's 49), but I'm proud to say that we get along with each other so well. After we first met at, we've had a wonderful journey since then; getting married, traveling a bit, and sharing our lives together."

Julia, 56 - "A lot of older people these days think that their 'dating days' are over. Perhaps it's because it would seem awkward getting involved with an activity usually done by younger people, or probably they've already been through a lot when it comes to relationships. As for me, I'd say that everyone has got their own rights to date, and it doesn't matter if you are in your 20's, 30's or even in your 60's. When I joined a couple of months back, I was quite happy to see that a lot of people my age or younger have gotten back into the dating scene. Glad to have met Will about a month ago on this free mature dating site!"

Members Who Found Love
We are still together and always will be so in Love with each other thanks to you wonderful site.
True Love
has no Boundaries
Jason & Tracey
At our age, we have many choices but to find my soul-mate at my time of life is just the most wonderful feeling so I say to others - Don't give up
we feel we
are re-born
Suzanne & John
Everyone deserves happi-
ness in this world and thanks to this website through which I found mine. Thank you so much!
I would
recommend this
100 percent.
John & Claire